A Prayer for Christian Fathers

Heavenly Father,
you entrusted your Son Jesus,
the child of Mary,
to the care of Joseph, an earthly father.
Bless all fathers
as they care for their families.
Give them strength and wisdom,
tenderness and patience;
support them in the work they have to do,
protecting those who look to them,
as we look to you for love and salvation,
through Jesus Christ our rock and defender.

Source: Unknown

Source of this version: https://www.xavier.edu/jesuitresource/online-resources/Fathers-Day-Prayers.cfm

The painting by Elisabetta Sirani (Bologna 1638-1665) St Joseph with the Infant Jesus c. 1662 was chosen simply to be a depiction of a father with a child.


For Harvest or Thanksgiving Day

Almighty God, most merciful Father,
you open your hand and satisfy the desire of every living thing.
We give you most humble and hearty thanks
that you have crowned the fields with your blessing,
and have permitted us once more
to gather in the fruits of the earth.
Bless and protect the living seed of your Word sown in our hearts,
that in the abundant fruits of righteousness
we may always present to you an acceptable thank-offering;
through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord,
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
one true God, now and forever. Amen.

Source: The Lutheran Hymnary, 1913, probably from some older source. This version from Prayers from the Evangelical-Lutheran Heritage, #166.

The New Book of Collects in Two Parts

The New Book of Collects in Two Parts.png

A Book of Collects in Two Parts was a collection of short prayers compiled by John Wallace Suter (Pater) and his son, John Wallace Suter, Jr. (Filius). Since the book was published in 1919, it is now in the public domain.

John Wallace Suter was a priest and liturgist in the American Episcopal Church, and was the custodian of the American Standard Book of Common Prayer. At his death in 1942, his son, John Wallace Suter, Jr. succeeded him as custodian of the Standard Book of Common Prayer.

The original text was taken from Project Canterbury, a free, online library of Anglican and Episcopalian literature, and it may be read directly on Project Canterbury by clicking on this link:  http://anglicanhistory.org/liturgy/suter_collects1919.html

The first part is a collection of short prayers newly composed by the Suters. The second part is a collection of short prayers from the history of the ancient Christian church.

A revision (an updating and refreshing of the English) of A Book of Collects in Two Parts can be downloaded from A Collection of Prayers in the following formats: [pdf] [docx]

Stop or Hinder Those Who Plan Evil

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Lord God, heavenly Father,
because of our many sins
we deserve no peace,
but in your mercy, spare us.
Stop or hinder those who plan evil.
Restrain all violence
and anything that would harm us.
Protect your people.
Correct the wayward.
Heal the hurting.
Grant us peace.

Source: Based on prayer #75 in Common Service Book of the Lutheran Church, “In Time of National Distress”

Original from Common Service Book of the Lutheran Church:

O LORD God, Heavenly Father: We humbly confess unto Thee that by our evil doings and continual disobedience, we have deserved these Thy chastisements; but we earnestly beseech Thee, for Thy Name’s sake, to spare us; restrain the harmful power of the enemy, and succor Thy suffering people; that Thy Word may be declared faithfully and without hinderance, and that we, amending our sinful lives, may walk obediently to Thy holy commandments; through Jesus Christ, Thy Son, our Lord. Amen.

According to Your Will, Obeying Your Command

antiquariat-1829823_640O Lord,
I come according to will
and obeying your command,
bringing all my petitions,
especially the things that would prevent
me from coming to you—
my sins that trouble me greatly,
and I ask you to remove and forgive them.

Source: Modified from The Abridged Treasury of Prayers: An Epitome from the Larger Gebets-Schatz1906,  #1

Guard and Guide Our Leaders

CSBO merciful Father in heaven,
all rule and authority
in the kingdoms of the world
comes from you,
and you hold in your hand
all the might of humanity.
You have instituted
the governing authorities that exist
for the punishment of those who do wrong
and for the approval of those who do good.
Look on your servants,
the President of the United States,
the governor of this state,
our judges and officials,
and all the rulers of the earth.
May all who have authority
work as your servants
and use their authority
according to your will and command.
Enlighten and defend them by your name, O God.
Give them wisdom and understanding,
that under their peaceful governing
your people may be guarded and directed
in righteousness, quietness and unity.
God of our salvation,
protect and prolong their lives,
that we, with them,
may declare the praise of your name;
through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

Source: Slightly modified from the Common Service Book of the Lutheran Church (1917, 1918)

Guide Our Nation in the Way of Your Truth and Peace

Image result for freedom of religionO God,
you led our ancestors
to this land
where they found
refuge from oppression
and freedom to worship you.
Always guide our nation
in the way of your truth and peace,
so that we enjoy
the blessing you have promised
to the people whose God is the Lord;
through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

Source: Paul Zeller Strodach, 1917, slightly modified from the Common Service Book of the Lutheran Church, 1917