Canticle: A Longer Sanctus

Image result for russia lutheran christus pantocrator
Christos Pantokrator, Russian Icon, 18th century

Holy, holy, holy Lord,
God almighty!
Heaven and earth
are full of your glory.

We worship you.
We give you thanks for your marvelous deeds,
Lord God, heavenly King,
God and Father, Almighty Lord.

Jesus Christ, only Son of the most high,
Holy Spirit, Spirit of peace, truth and grace,
to you, eternal God, be praise for all your works.

Your might is eternal,
and your love unwavering.
Look with mercy on your people
who gather in your sanctuary to worship you,
to thank you for all your benefits for body and soul,
to implore your grace
to enlighten us in knowledge of you
and to instruct our hearts,
that we may bring the holy offerings
of devout obedience to you.

Source: Agende für die Evangelisch-Lutherischen Gemeinden im Russischen Reiche, 1832, an alternative canticle to the Gloria in Excelsis, p. 6-7

This canticle seems to blend the Trisagion, an opening hymn in Eastern Orthodox worship, with the Gloria in Excelsis, along with some other elements.

Original in German:

Heiliger! Heiliger! Heiliger! HErr! Gott! Allmächtiger! Himmel und Erde sind Deiner Herrlichkeit voll; wir beten Dich an, wir danken Dir für Deine Wunder, HErr Gott! himmlischer König! Gott Vater! Allmächtiger HErr! eingeborner Sohn des Allerhöchsten! Jesus Christus! Heiliger Geist! Geist des Friedens, der Wahrheit und der Gnade! Dich, ewiger Gott, loben alle Deine Werke; ewig , wie  Du selbst, ist Deine Macht, unwandelbar Deine Liebe; blicke mit Milde herab auf Dein Volk, welches versammelt ist in Deinem Heiligthutne, Dich anzubeten, Dir zu danken für Deine Wohlhaten, und für sich, im Geistigen und Leiblichen, Deine Gnade zu erflehen ; erleuchte unsern Verstand zu Deiner Erkenntniss und lehre unsere Herzen, die heiligen Opfer eines ächten Gehorsams darzubringen!


Arise and Shine in My Heart

wilhelm_loeheO Lord Jesus,
Creator of all things,
light of the glory
of the Father in heaven.
I thank you for letting me see
the light of a new day!
Bright Sun of Righteousness,
arise and shine in my heart,
so that I may walk as a child of light as in the day,
and finally see you
in the eternal light of joy everlasting.

Source: Wilhelm Löhe. Freely adapted from Seed Grains of Prayer, A Manual for Evangelical Christians, Wartburg Press, Chicago, 1914 (#12)

“O Lord Jesus, Creator of all things,” is a reference to John 1:3

“light of the glory of the Father in heaven” is a reference to John 1:14

“Bright Sun of Righteousness” is a reference to Malachi 4:2

“arise and shine in my heart” is a reference to 2 Peter 1:19

“so that I may walk as a child of light” is a reference to Ephesians 5:8 and 1 Thessalonians 5:5

Original in German:

O Herr Jesu, Du Schöpfer aller Dinge, Du Glanz der Herrlichkeit Deines himmlischen Vaters, ich danke Dir von Herzen, daß Du mich das fröhliche Sonnenlicht wieder schauen lässest. O Du helle Sonne der Gerechtigkeit, geh auch in meinem Herzen auf, damit ich in Deinem Glanze als ein Kind des Lichtes und als am Tage wandeln und Dich dermaleins im ewigen Freudenlichte selig schauen möge! Amen

A Short Litany

Lord, have mercy.
Christ, have mercy.
Lord, have mercy.

Christ, hear us.

Lord God, Father in heaven,
have mercy on us.
Lord God, Son of God, Savior of the world,
have mercy on us.
Lord God, Holy Spirit,
have mercy on us.
Be gracious to us,
bless us, Lord God.
Be gracious to us,
help us, Lord God.

From all sin,
from all error,
from all evil,
from the devil’s lies and cunning,
from eternal death,
deliver us, Lord God.

Through the mystery of your holy incarnation,
through your holy birth,
through your baptism, fasting and temptation,
through your sorrow and bloody sweat,
through your cross and suffering,
through your death and burial,
through your holy resurrection and ascension,
through the coming of the Holy Spirit,
in every hour of affliction,
in times of prosperity,
in our last hour of need,
help us, Lord God. 

O Jesus Christ, Son of God,
hear us, Lord God.

Lamb of God, you take away the sin of the world,
have mercy on us.

Lamb of God, you take away the sin of the world,
grant us peace.

Source: The Short Litany, prescribed for Good Friday, from in Allgemeines evangelisches Gesang- und Gebetbuch zum Kirchen und Hausgebrauch, Hamburg, 1846, p. 536-537

Original in German:

Kyrie eleison:
Christe eleison!
Kyrie eleison:
Christe erhöre uns!
Herr Gott Vater im Himmel:
Erbarm Dich über uns!
Herr Gott Sohn, der Welt Heiland:
Erbarm Dich über uns!
Herr Gott heiliger Geist:
Erbarm Dich über uns!
Sei uns gnädig:
Verschon uns, lieber Herre Gott!
Sei uns gnädig:
Hilf uns, lieber Herre Gott!
Vor allen Sünden:
Vor allem Irrsal;
Vor allem Uebel:
Vor des Teufels Trug und List;
Vor dem ewigen Tod:
Behüt uns, lieber Herre Gott!
Durch das Geheimniß Deiner heiligen Menschwerdung:
Durch Deine heilige Geburt;
Durch Deine Taufe, Fasten und Versuchung:
Durch Deinen Todeskampf und blutigen Schweiß;
Durch Dein Kreuz und Leiden:
Durch Deinen Tod und Begräbnis) ;
Durch Dein heiliges Auferstehn und Himmelfahrt:
Durch die Zukunft des heiligen Geistes;
In allen Stunden der Anfechtung:
In der Zeit der Wohlfahrt;
In unserer letzten Noch:
Hilf uns, lieber Herre Gott!
O Jesu Christe, Gottes Sohn:
Erhör uns, lieber Herre Gott!
O Du Gottes Lamm, das der Welt Sünde trägt:
Erbarm Dich über uns!
O Du Gottes Lamm! das der Welt Sünde trägt:
Verleih uns steten Fried!

According to Your Will, Obeying Your Command

antiquariat-1829823_640O Lord,
I come according to will
and obeying your command,
bringing all my petitions,
especially the things that would prevent
me from coming to you—
my sins that trouble me greatly,
and I ask you to remove and forgive them.

Source: Modified from The Abridged Treasury of Prayers: An Epitome from the Larger Gebets-Schatz1906,  #1

Guide Our Nation in the Way of Your Truth and Peace

Image result for freedom of religionO God,
you led our ancestors
to this land
where they found
refuge from oppression
and freedom to worship you.
Always guide our nation
in the way of your truth and peace,
so that we enjoy
the blessing you have promised
to the people whose God is the Lord;
through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

Source: Paul Zeller Strodach, 1917, slightly modified from the Common Service Book of the Lutheran Church, 1917

Freedom to Hear Your Word and Extend Your Kingdom

Image result for freedom of religionAlmighty God,
you have given us a land
where we are free to read and hear your Word,
confess your name
and work together
for the extension of your kingdom.
May the liberty given us
be continued to our children
and our children’s children,
that the power of the gospel
may here increase
to the blessing
of all the nations of the earth
and to your eternal glory;
through your Son,
Jesus Christ our Lord.

Source: Henry Eyster Jacobs, 1917, slightly modified from the Common Service Book of the Lutheran Church (1917, 1918)

Original in traditional English:

ALMIGHTY God, Who hast given us a land, wherein we are free to read and hear Thy Word, to confess Thy Name, and to labor together for the extension of Thy Kingdom: Grant, we beseech Thee, that the liberty vouchsafed unto us, may be continued to our children and our children’s children, and that the power of the Gospel may here abound, to the blessing of all the nations of the earth, and to Thine eternal glory; through Jesus Christ, Thy Son, our Lord. Amen.

Help Us When We Are Tempted Lord,
help us when we are tempted.
Let nothing move us to distrust your care for us,
or mislead us to use your gifts and forget you, their Giver.
May we never assume your protection
when we forsake your paths, and tempt you.
May we never, for the sake of any supposed gain or advancement,
quench the testimony of your Spirit,
or prove disloyal to your service.
Support us in all temptations
so that when we have been tried,
we may receive the crown of life,
which you have prepared for them that love you.

Source: Henry Alford, d. 1871