Litany for the Church

Lord, be merciful to us.
Heal our souls, for we have sinned against you.

Show us your steadfast love, O Lord,
and grant us your salvation. (Psalm 85:7)

Turn again, O Lord,
and be gracious to your servants.

Let your steadfast love, O Lord, be upon us,
even as we hope in you. (Psalm 33:22)

Let us pray for the Holy Church of God:
Do good to Zion in your good pleasure; build up the walls of Jerusalem. (Psalm 51:18)

Peace be within your walls,
and security within your towers! (Psalm 122:7)

Let your priests be clothed with righteousness,
and let your saints shout for joy. (Psalm 132:9)

Let us pray for our pastors and teachers:
Take not the word of truth out of their mouths, (Psalm 119:43)

That they shall stand and shepherd his flock in the strength of the Lord,
in the majesty of your name, O Lord our God. Amen. (Micah 5:4)

Source: Attributed to Abendgebet of the German Lutheran Church in Book of Prayers for Church and Home, ed. by Paine and Thompson, Philadelphia: Christian Education Press, 1962, p. 57.

Modified with scriptures taken or adapted from the English Standard Version.


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Lutheran pastor serving St. Stephen's in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.

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