You Have Healed Our Wounds

antifonariodelec3b3n1You have healed our wounds, O Lord,
by the wounds of your only Son.
What then should we do
since we have been bought at so great a price?
How shall we serve such a Lord,
who has promised such liberty
and has offered such an inheritance to us?
Work in us, O Lord, what pleases you.
Possess us so that we may possess you.
We will not perish,
you will let us live,
and we will call upon your name.

Source: Mozarabic Rite

Source of this version: Freely modified from Ancient Collects, and Other Prayers, ed. William Bright, 1902, p. 72 #3

“You have healed our wounds” is a reference to Isaiah 53:5

“What then should we do… How shall we serve” may be a reference to Psalm 116:12

“bought at so great a price” is a reference to 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

“We will not perish” is a reference to Psalm 118:17

“We will not perish” in the original is “We will not go back from you.” Changed to “We will not perish” to broaden the reference to psalm 118.

Graphic: Mozarabic manuscript from the Cathedral of Leon, from Wikimedia Commons.


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