To Go Forward with Your Help

Grant your servants, O God,
to be set on fire with your Spirit,
strengthened by your power,
enlightened by your splendor,
filled with your grace,
and to go forward with your help.
Give them, O Lord,
a right faith,
perfect love,
true humility.
Grant, O Lord,
that there may be in us simple affection,
brave patience,
persevering obedience,
perpetual peace,
a pure mind,
a right and clean heart,
a good will,
a holy conscience,
awareness and watchfulness,
spiritual strength,
a blameless life,
and after we have finished our course,
we may happily enter into your blessed kingdom.

Source: Gallican Sacramentary

Source of this version: Modified from Ancient Collects and Other Prayers, Ed. by W. Bright: J.H. & Jas. Parker, London, 1902, p. 93 #3


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Lutheran pastor serving St. Stephen's in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.

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